I woke up this morning in Prague to a cell phone ringing somewhere in my hostel room (8 person room) around 7:30 or 8. I hear someone rummaging around in their pockets to find the phone, then a male voice answers groggily and listens to the other person on the line for a moment. The voice in my room answers “on the floor” — it’s obvious his friend asked where he was. He then hangs up, gets up off the floor, and stumbles out of the room still trying to piece together the night — and how he ended up on the floor of a random hostel room. Sounds like a good night. Still not really sure how he got into our room in the first place though — and I’m guessing I never will find out.

And seriously, I was 100% sober last night following two nights at Oktoberfest in Munich — so this definitely wasn’t me.