From 1st hand experience, I can now say you’ll meet some weird people camping. This really happened this weekend to my two friends and me at the KOA campground in West Glacier; it was too weird not to share.

A couple from Michigan and Maine on a long road trip came over from the camp site next to us to say hello and introduce themselves. Here’s the general sequence of events that occurred:

Him from his camp site: Do you want some beer?

Us: No, we’re fine. Thanks though.

Her: Yes, they want 3 beers.

Us: No, really, we don’t want beers right now.

Her: Bring over 3 beers for them.

Him: Brings 1 beer over.

Her: Which one of you wants the one cold beer (all our other beer was warm)?

My Friend #1: I’m heading to the restroom (to get away from the weirdness).

Me: I’ll take it.

Them: The couple wanders back over to their camp site as I begin to get up. I walk over to the bench that the cold beer was sitting on. No cold beer, only warm ones. I walked around our camp site looking for the cold beer, wondering if someone had moved it somewhere else while I wasn’t looking. No luck. I sat back down in my camp chair.

My friend #2: Did you take the cold beer?

Me: No, I can’t find it anywhere.

Friend #2: Me either. I’m glad it’s not just me. Did they take it back with them?

Me: Wow, they must have.

Friend #2: Wow, who does that?? Offers 3 beers, brings one over, then takes it back after agreeing to give it to us. Fail.


We assume they were on drugs or painkillers since the conversation and sequence of events made absolutely no sense. During the course of our conversation, she also said she had done the whole Europe and South American thing, and “touched” South America – but couldn’t name the country she spent time in. Her next trip is going to be Africa, and she is really going to “get in there and do it”. Not sure what she was on…