Tomorrow (bright and early), I’m heading down to the San Francisco Bay area for a week of work/fun. I’m looking forward to a fun week attending RE BarCamp San Francisco on Tuesday and Inman Real Estate Connect from Wednesday through Friday. I’m confident RE BarCamp is going to be a blast, and will be followed by Beer with Bloggers on Tuesday evening. Both events are free thanks to sponsors, but I’d strongly encourage you to donate whatever money you would have otherwise paid for the knowledge and networking gained at the conference to the HousingforHomeless fundraiser that Ginger Wilcox has put together. It really is amazing what a life of its own this RE BarCamp initiative has taken on over the last year. And anyone that knows me at all knows that I’m a fan of anything to help improve the lives of others. And hence the reason I think this new HousingforHomeless concept is so awesome; SOOO awesome that I’ll be spearheading the Seattle fundraiser to go along with the Seattle RE BarCamp coming up on September 8th — more details to come on that.

I’ll be in San Francisco until really early Saturday the 8th. My schedule for the week is booked for the most part already with the exception of Monday mid-day and Friday afternoon — but Tweet me or e-mail me if you’re interested in meeting up.