My friend sent me an article about a local Seattle non profit — the Jolkona Foundation — worth checking out for those passionate about giving back to others. From their about page, their mission is To build awareness and mobilize our youth to support successful community development projects around the world. The site seems somewhat similar to Kiva since it focuses on fund raising for specific people or causes, but much broader in scope as a result of not being limited to microfinance — I’m not saying that being broader in scope is better (there are pros and cons both ways), just different. The organization was founded by Adnan Mahmud and Nadia Khawaja.

I gave it a whirl tonight and feel good that I just spent $25 to plant trees in Maili — and didn’t even have to create a new password on the site to do it (they’ve hooked into Facebook Connect for log-in and Google Checkout for payment)!

Anyway, head over to the Seattle Times to read the whole article.