WOW, this blog entry from Brett Mennella on the Seattle Times is awesome to see. Here’s a little background on him:

Brett Mennella, a senior at Bellevue High School (at right), helped start the school’s Microfinance Club, which focuses on learning about the global effect of microcredit. The club raised more than $130,000 in the last two years to support microloans, and decided to invest the money in Esperanza International, a global microfinance institution based in Bellevue founded by former Mariners catcher David Valle. This is the first of several posts he’ll be filing from the Dominican Republic, where he is doing volunteer work.

Raising $130k by the age of 17/18 is no minor accomplishment, it’s actually INSANELY impressive if you ask me. I first heard about the fund raising done at Bellevue High School a few months ago from my friend Kayla (who has worked in the Dominican Republic for Esperanza International for the past two years), but didn’t realize there was an individual behind the whole fund raising project. I guess that was a bit naive on my part since there is almost always a leader behind every great initiative. Makes me realize truly anything is possible for those who put their minds toward specific goals. It’s obvious to me Brett is both passionate and a “doer” – hence the reason he’ll never struggle to receive help in this world. If only there were more young people like him in this world.

Thank you for your great work Brett!