Even though this is my 3rd post in a row highlighting articles by Sloane Berrent, her “Determination for Education” post on the Kiva Fellows Blog is simply too good not to mention here; such a powerful story that sheds some light on the importantance of education in the developing world.

Please read the whole post — I know you’ll be glad you did.

  • Hi Drew,
    I appreciate even the third in a row. These stories don’t get old too easily.

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  • Drew – Blog about them all!

    No but seriously, it’s amazing to see people react and be moved to my experiences here. It’s total fuel to keep writing more and more. There are so many stories like this one – the lengths people will go to for their families, to help others – it’s like I knew this was what it was all about, but to see it in front of me, is expanding my soul in ways I can’t even fully comprehend yet.

    Much more to come!

  • I totally agree, Drew! All of Our Fave Causemopolitan’s blog entries and tireless work with Kiva are an inspiration to us all. Like she jokes, blog ’em all! 😉