My friend, and soon to be roommate, Matt Heuer got all kinds of media exposure this week for the sign he brought to Portland – Oklahoma City game at the Rose Garden. The game marked the first time the Sonics (now the Thunder) returned to the Pacific Northwest after having been relocated to Oklahoma City after last season. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that he had his two year old nephew Zach Rankin with him, but part of the allure of this story for the reporters was that Matt used to work for the Sonics and has been a fan for years. He certainly didn’t appreciate Clay Bennett packing up the team and moving them to a new city after having been in Seattle since 1967, and decided to make a point with a sign — and it certainly worked. Here is a great blog post recapping the night.

At least Clay left us Seattlites the Sonics name should Seattle recruit another NBA franchise. The game was on Wednesday, so I know I’m a bit late to the party — since I was traveling all week and had the REBarCamp Seattle event on Friday, I didn’t hear about this until Friday evening after work. Matt said he was hoping to get on the Jumbo tron at the Rose Garden, but never in his wildest dreams was he expecting to be on virtually every major sports media outlet overnight.

matt heuer and zach rankin