• David is in the midst of a heated debate about his avatar. I am sure that the discussion will result in a solution to the housing crisis as well.

  • I can tell! And I certainly hope so to your second sentence.

  • That was a VERY good laugh VERY well timed. There are such cool, funny, interesting people in the Real Estate industry. And … who knew that cigars were so polarizing?

    I’m hardly addicted to twitter but more laughs like this and you’l have to tear me away.

    And … before @Ines kicks my butt … yes, yes, I know …. it’s not the cigar, it’s the #suckage

  • #suckage (copyright housechick.com, all rights reserved)

  • OK – this threw me over the edge!! CRACKING UP!! I’m glad David “FINALLY” understands my point!

  • I don’t know…I’m getting pretty convinced you are on the verge of addiction. And you’re rubbing off on others — before too long, you’re going to have everyone at zillow tweeting all day long.

    I hope I can be the lone holdout.

  • He must be a Twitteraholic, it’s all good to me though, at least HE follows me back. 🙂

  • Nick-
    I think I am following you now…if your handle is http://twitter.com/nbostic

  • Nick-
    My bad, not sure what I was thinking. I found your twitter handle now though – http://twitter.com/RailLife

  • LOL Drew – maybe I should start tweeting my bug fixes.

    You’re the blogger, dude – me, I’m just a micro-blogger.