My buddy started a new blog about a month ago that I wanted to quickly highlight. The blog is and it covers IRAs, CD Rates, High Yield Savings Accounts, and other information relating to banking. Here is my quick list of suggested improvements to the blog:

  • Google analytics to see how many people are visiting the blog
  • MyBlogLog link tracking to track what people are clicking on
  • “Receive e-mail notification for comments on this post” plugin
  • Related posts plugin
  • Create permanent pages for all your target keywords and put links to them in your sidebar
  • Write your own content for pages like this IRA page — then you don’t have to link to wikipedia for every term and bleed SEO juice.
  • Get rid of the red in your navigation bar. It does not match the logo.

If you need links or further explanation to better explain these suggested additions, leave a comment. And congrats on landing a Bankaholic link so early in your blogging career — that means you’ve already made it on the radar of Johns Wu (who figured out how to get $15 million from Bankrate).

  • Dan

    Thanks for the shout out!

    Nice suggestions, I will definitely put some at the top of my to-do list. The IRA page is a temp. I’m working on a layout using the “Page Parent” tool under my advanced options.