Thanks to Elvis, I have to answer the bookworm meme! The rules:

  1. Grab the nearest book (cannot be the bible)
  2. Open the book to page 56
  3. Find the fifth sentence
  4. Post the text of the next two to five sentences
  5. Don’t dig around for your favourite book, or the one you think people will think is cool, or show that you’re an intellectual.  Pick the closest one.. we’ll know if you cheated
  6. Tag five other people, and make them do the same.

The book I found is When a Crocodile Eats the Sun by Peter Godwin (the book I’m currently reading). Here are the 6th through the 10th sentences on the 56th page:

Fertility is prized above all, because, hard as it is to believe today, the continent’s historic curse was underpopulation, which hinders centralized rule and state building.

To early white visitors, much of Africe seemed almost empty. For the most part, “an unpeopled country,” said the bellicose explorer and correspondent Henry Morton Stanley as he strolled through East Africa.

This impression of emptiness was accentuated by the Africa system of shifting agriculture. Bush was cleared, land prepared mostly by hand, crops planted, and rain relied on to water them.

So, now to meme 5 others….here are my victims:

  • My book is Barefoot Contessa Parties! (Ina Garten) What can I say, my computer is by the bookcase right next to the kitchen :o) The passage, oddly enough it’s about Jewish Holidays (cheers Elv!s!)

    For larger crowds, I like a narrow, rectangular table, and I put the most talkative people in the center facing each other. This way, the energy of the group is pulled to the middle and the party doesn’t break in to two groups (one group always has more fun). I also like a table that’s a little too small so everyone is elbow to elbow: it feels more intimate that way.

    When decorating the table, I make the centerpiece part of the meal. When I made this dinner, the challah was part of the table decoration, but another time I made the whole arrangement from the ingredients for dessert: clementines, dried apricots, and crystallized ginger.

    My victims:
    Carrie, Jim Sulli, Spec_tater, mpal, julia

  • roberto

    practical myanmar

    what is your nationality? ba lu miyo: le:
    I am … american lu meyo ba: a merik kan.

    (just some light reading I found usefull, before crossing the thai myanmar border)

  • Harper Hall Triology: Dragon Drums by Anne McCaffrey

    “By custom, the harpers ate at the first table below the main one. Piemur had never seen the resident Harper, Bantur, and hoped that Menolly and Sebell were already at the table. They were, and chatting in high spirits with Deece, who’d been seconded to Bantur the night Menolly had walked the tables to become a journywoman and with Strud, who’d been posted to a seahold on Igen.”

    I love dragons! Not quite as much as kittehs, but my Cat Who books were not the first one at paw tonight.
    I choose….Sunnyview, K101, dnesemeier, Wetdawgs, Lady Chattel

  • K101

    Okay – the rule is the closest book. I have daughter’s Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack:

    Jon: “I took Garfield to the vet to be declawed.”
    “They are removing his stitches next Thursday.”

    Lyman: “Poor Garfield.”

    Jon: “Who’s talking about Garfield?”
    Next frame

    Jon: “I’m sorry I tried to have you declawed, Garfield.” “I love you just the way you are, claws and all.”

    Garflield (thinking and smiling): “Someday, somehow, when you’re least expecting it, I’m going to shred your bedroom suite.”

    Invitation to Klarek, 2Big2Fail, TWB, Spleng and GRI to play.

  • sunnyview

    Yea! I get to play 🙂 For once I am grateful that my kids didn’t pick up their stuff before bed. This was last night’s bedtime book The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

    “Why Voom cleans up anything. Clean as can be!”
    Then he yelled, “Take of your hat now, Little Cat Z!
    Take the Voom off your head! Make it clean up the snow! Hurry! You Little Cat! One! Two! Three! GO!”

    I’m sending an invite to DebtsNMesses, aapostrophe, mckylie, Bette Defarm and Winifred.

  • Bette

    What a splendid idea..I really enjoyed reading the contributions thus far. Thanks for thinking of me, Sunny! My book is “All Creatures Great and Small” by James Herriot

    But the brothers amazed me. One of them would drop a halter on a beast, get his fingers into its nose and then be carried away as the animal took off like a rocket. They were thrown about like dolls but they never let go; their fair heads bobbed about incongruously among the black backs: and the thing that fascinated me was that through all the contortions the cigarettes dangled undisturbed.

    My invite is a repeat of others: Mpal, Aldreth, Spleng, Klarek and

  • Lady Chattel

    The Everything Parents Guide to Children with Aspergers by William Stillman and OMG I had the bookmark on page 56, shivers.

    “But isn’t it curious how many of these reactive behaviors are similar to the list of Asperger’s syndrome “junk behaviors” outlined in the last chapter? If anyone accused you of being unprofessional or even violent in manifesting such behaviors, wouldn’t you defend yourself by explaining they were communications of your tremendous angst, that you were coping the best way you knew how?”

    Targets of agression: Debts, SoCal Bubblehead, Spec_Tator, Jimmy57, Dunespeak!

  • mpal

    OK, since I know that am I the only one in this crowd who read this book, I am quoting from Artie Lange’s new book, Too Fat to Fish.

    Mr. Pacardi didn’t sit down and he didn’t offer me a seat. He just stood there in front of a vinyl-covered couch and in heavily accented English said, ” I want to tell you some-thing”.

    Thanks for including me in this, if I was chosen twice do I need to post twice?

    My targets: Marci, Trolling, Sas, ADB, Hamp.
    ( trying to call out those who have left us)

  • klarek

    Young and Defiant in Tehran:

    Through manipulation and control of the body, clothing, color, emotion, and sexuality, the theocracy has created its own rituals. According to Bloch’s funtionalistic perception, rituals are streategies of power in the reproducing of structures. By “hiding reality” rituals constitute an imaginary, static, transcendental order using formal, repetitive, non-arguable means that legitimate authority.

    My targets: Apline, Plarusa, Kary Krismer

  • The current book I’m reading is A New Earth (awakening your life’s purpose)
    By: Eckhart Tolle.
    However since it has fallen into the tub (for the second time) It will take a few days to dry;-)

    So instead the closet thing I’m reading is Rotary’s Magazine
    The Rotarian, December 2008
    P.56 a few sentences following the 5th.

    “The next year, interested Rotarians formed an international fellowship and in 1999 the RI Board approved a statement encouraging Rotary clubs to take on projects that would impact population growth. In 2005, the group became a Rotarian action group. The group now has 2500 members and has helped implement about 150 projects worldwide, including several major projects addressing maternal and child health in Nigeria (see insert for details).”

    I tag… Webster – Tiffany B – On the fence – Randy_H – NTETS