Salesforce is a company I’ve been a huge fan of for a few years (I use the web site on a daily basis at work). If you like what they are doing or want to learn more about their model, here’s a interview with CEO Marc Benioff in the San Francisco Chronicle. In my mind, they have done a superb job of building a product that their customers evangelize for them — and Marc realizes that is a critical part of their success.

Q: One criticism that’s come up is that some smaller customers may be leaving, that people feel like they are lost in the shuffle in some way. How do you address that kind of criticism?

A: We monitor our attrition very, very closely and our attrition has remained at an extremely low percentage over the years. It’s less than 1 percent per month. That’s something that we’ve talked about now for a number of years, and we have to constantly manage that and monitor that. And we also constantly are surveying our customers and listening to them. Salesforce has the highest customer satisfaction of any company that I have ever been associated with. And our customers are evangelists – in many cases the reason that we’ve ended up with our customers is because of other customers referring them.

I’ll be the first to recommend Salesforce as a customer relationship management platform to anyone that asks me about it.