Facebook announced the 25 recipients of their fbFund who received $25k grants today — BarTab was on the list and the description caught my attention:

Send a drink to a friend, with Facebook! BarTab allows users to send real drinks to each other for only $1. Drinks are redeemed through the user’s cell phone at partnered bars and restaurants.

I think a lot of pieces will have to fall into place for this to work, but there is potential for this application to both improve drinking for the 21-30 crowd and increase overall sales at bars & resaurants. Here are a few challenges they’ll need to overcome:

  • critical mass of bar goers
  • awareness with bar owners
  • technology inside of bars to enable someone to redeem tickets/credits with a mobile phone

Which gets me thinking — Yelp should buy this application, or build this same functionality themselves. They’ve already got two of the three pieces to the puzzle.

  • I just hope that if it works, all people who have thrown sheep at me and given me virtual drinks give me real ones 🙂

  • Simmo

    Check this out, a mate and heineken did a promo in New Zealand text or sms codes from boxes of beer and a code is sent to your mobile this is then put into the EFTPOS machine (credit card thing) and you get 4 free beers the code can only be used once then it cancels out. go to the web site below and check the terms and conditions.