Social Security:

McCain said that fixing social security is easy and he knows how to do it. Really? That’s funny — why the heck hasn’t anyone done anything in the last 30 years to fix it then? And note McCain has been an active figure in Washington DC for almost 30 years and nothing has been done. Explain that to me. Or at least explain how the problem is so easy and yet no one has come up with a workable solution.

Health care:

McCain thinks health care is a responsibility and Obama thinks it is a right in America. I’m going to disagree with both of them. Not that I don’t think health care SHOULD be a right, but let’s be realistic here. Whether or not you choose to believe it, access to affordable health care is a privilege in this world. With an estimated 2 billion people living on less than a dollar a day, health care is most certainly not a right worldwide. We are working, and should continue working, towards a point when access to health care is a fundamental human right. But we’re not there yet.

Foreign Policy:

McCain doesn’t think we should talk with our enemies. Obama does. Running the United States really is just like running a business and I think most business strategies can be successfully applied to politics. Furthering relations with other countries and signing up new allies takes the same tactics as finalizing a business development deal with a new partner. It’s obvious one of the tactics to closing deals is…TALKING.

This issue is dead simple — talk to your allies as well as your enemies. What happens if you don’t?


And that’s not acceptable.

  • Drew- What a joke! Are you kidding. No real questions – no real substance by either of these shills. Look at history. Who is the Federal Reserve? Who owns “our” Central Bank? Not us, not the USA! No one wants to talk about the Private Federal Reserve? You seem to be into Micro-lending…what happens and what has history shown for 10,000 years? “Fractional Reserve” policies lead to the very issues the WORLD is suffering from. Does KIVA take $300.00 and make $120,000.00 worth of LOANS! Do they? Today’s problems are issues that have been developing for 50-75-100 years! Research 1913. Listen to Charles Lindbergh’s, pleading speech. The McBama Party is a divide and conquer concept. We gave away our rights on 9-11 and now a 800B con job with the help of both these losers and their party members. The fact that Americans support either of these party drones shows the travesty and ignorance of our general population. Tonight was another main stream media brain wash.

  • Mark-
    I also get tired of political talk, but with all due respect — one of these candidates is going to be leading our country in a few months. Ignoring them is not going to do any good.

  • Drew- Well that is all well and good. It still does not excuse the level that we have allowed our country to fall. In fact, until we do ignore them and refuse to buy their lies…no we pay them to lie to us at every level..every level. The hypocrisy of these two and their veep choices…more importantly the RNC and DNC party structure is at a new level of anti American, anti constitutional betrayal. No doubt, one of the two will lead us into further tyranny, beyond what we have seen here since the Civil War era.