For anyone hoping to become rich from blogging, there’s an article at Win Extra worth reading. Here’s one interesting excerpt:

Anyone who is looking at blogging as being their primary income source needs to understand that all that reading – all that networking – is done in order to help make you an authority that other people will come to. As you become more well known opportunities to speak at conferences will start to pop up, opportunities to write books might surface or possibly you might have the chance to run your own conferences. The fact is that much of the serious money in the blogging world isn’t made from behind the keyboard. The knowledge and contacts you make from behind it are where you make your money.

The lesson? Blogging can indirectly lead to riches, but monetizing your actual blog content or impressions is not the likely money making scenario. Blogging is a fantastic networking tool, and the opportunities that arise from that network is where the (majority of the) value is.

Or there’s the slight possibility that you can do what bankaholic did and dominate expensive keywords in a lucrative niche and get bought for cash. But that’s a longshot.

  • Blogging is by far the most easiest we to make money and to promote a product or service of your business.