Here’s the idea behind The Generation Project, an interesting site that I came across via e-mail:

The range of experiences available to many of America’s children is inexcusably narrow. Schools in low-income neighborhoods are often unable to provide students with a wide breadth of academic and extracurricular activities. Because many parents in these same neighborhoods cannot afford to supplement their children’s education, lower-income students often do not have access to the same formative experiences as their wealthier peers.

Meanwhile, today’s philanthropists (and potential philanthropists) want to do more than just open their checkbooks for a cause. The Generation Project revolutionizes educational philanthropy by allowing community members to share their personal passions with K-12 students in low-income areas. Donors create completely personalized gifts geared towards education, dramatically expanding the opportunities available to high-need students. The Generation Project facilitates, administers, and tracks all donations, providing complete transparency at all stages of the process.