I’ll be the 1st to say I think it’s a stupid idea for the government to give everyone $600. The US is over 9 trillion of dollars in debt, which comes out to roughly 30k per person in the US. And then we decide to add another $600 per person to that debt? This financial strategy doesn’t make sense to me — shouldn’t we be focusing on paying down our debt rather than expanding it? To me, it’s pretty damn clear that the stimulus checks are a band-aid and will not solve any long-term problems with the economy, so why do it?

Though I clearly disagree with the stimulus payments, what is done is done and I got my check in the mail this past week. That said, how am I using my $600? Sure, I could go buy some new clothes or a new iPhone. Or I could put it toward either my car loan or student loan. But what I actually did was put the money to good use and donate it all to people who really need the money — via Kiva.org. Helping others less fortunate than myself realize their dreams just seemed like the right thing to do with free money from the government.

  • perhaps the government is encouraging people to spend. 🙂

    now, that’s a good gesture. continue with your humanitarian work Drew.

  • we will see how well the economic stimulus package helps us later in the year. while we are getting a boost in spending confidence now, what will happen later in the year when the stimulus money is all gone.

    i have been blogging about this for the past month and i will continue my year long mission to blog about the economic stimulus package. 600 dollars divided by 365 days is a buck64aday.

    i am the help the goverment never though they would get. I am spendning my stimulus a buck64aday.

    read my story


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