Now you can let your boss know what you really think — seriously!! launched into Beta tonight. What is it you may ask? is a career and workplace community where anyone can find and anonymously share real-time reviews, ratings and salary details about specific jobs for specific employers — all for free.

I’ll leave the majority of the commentary for those who have already covered the launch:

I will say this — personally, I think it’s really cool that employees can anonymously leave reviews and salary information about their company and, in turn, see that information about other companies. If the company gains traction (and I hope it does), transparency will be brought into an area of business that doesn’t see much of it currently; compensation. The “rate the CEO” feature is pretty compelling as well. I haven’t left a review for Zillow yet, but will do so at some point in the near future.

Zillow’s CEO, Rich Barton, is Chairman of the Board. As a longtime entrepreneur and part-time venture capitalist for Benchmark Capitol, Rich has been involved in multiple companies via board seats and investments throughout his career, so this is nothing new for him. For the sake of full disclosure, note Zillow is my employer and Rich is the boss of my boss’ boss (not sure if the grammar is right on that sentence).

  • Shelly Lennon has been doing the same trick for a longer period of time I suspect