You might have seen this post where I alluded to the fact that I’ve had a crappy experience with Over a month later, I have STILL not been able to watch a single baseball game on I just tried to turn on the Mets-Giants game a couple minutes ago, but no luck — blackout message again. Here is the text of the page that pops up saying that the game is blacked out:

Based on the information that you have provided, you are blocked from watching the game you selected. Please consult our FAQs for complete blackout restriction information.Note: If you are traveling and are accessing the Internet connection through your company’s VPN connection, you might be getting a blackout message because your company’s host IP Address is within the restricted range for the game that you are trying to access. In this case you can simply log off your company’s VPN connection and access the Internet through a local connection.If you believe that you have received this failure message in error, please include the necessary information listed below in an e-mail to Customer Service at IP Address (your IP Address will be automatically rendered when you log-on to;
2) e-mail address associated with your account;
3) Team name you have been blocked from watching; and
4) The street address and ZIP code from which you are attempting to watch the game.
We will look into this query within 48 hours and if you have been mistakenly blacked out, your account will be updated.

Reminder: you can always listen LIVE to the game that you selected (no blackout restrictions apply). For a full listing of games Click here

I sent an e-mail to the e-mail address listed on that page a couple months ago, but have yet to receive a reply. It may just be me, but when I pay $120 for a service, I at least expect a reply to a billing inquiry. I can understand if there is a valid reason behind this — just needs to explain it to me.

If you’re curious, below is the text of the e-mail I sent:

To whom it may concern:

I don’t have cable television, so watching the my home team mariners on tv is not an option — hence the reason I wanted to sign up for However, I have yet to be able to watch a game when I’ve tried. I keep getting the blackout message and occasionally a site outage message, so here are my details.

1) [my ip address]
2) [my e-mail address]
3) Mariners (and many other games). At 7 pm pacific time, I just tried the yankees game, the yankees-cleveland game, houston-arizona, and the oak-laa game — none of them worked for me.
4) [my address]

Is there any way I can just get a refund, or switch to the audio-only subscription and get credited for the difference? I knew there were blackout rules, but I was under the assumption I would at least be able to watch away games of my hometeam (mariners) and games of other teams playing while the mariners were on tv. With the current restrictions, I’d maybe be able to watch a couple games this year.


Drew Meyers