I was just riding home on the bus tonight and overheard two twenty-something year olds talking about work tomorrow. One of them said something along the lines of “I have to get there at 8 and make sure I stay for the full eight hours.” By the tone of his voice, I could tell he hated his job.

Don’t get me wrong, work-life balance is important and you shouldn’t work 100 hours a week, but I’m thankful that rather than thinking “how many hours do I have to work tomorrow?” I’m thinking about “what cool new products we are working on (like Zillow Mortgage Marketplace) and what strategic partners we should be focusing on.” When you enjoy your job, work doesn’t seem so much like…well, work.

  • I think the school system does a lousy job of presenting career options. In college, I always felt like there were half a dozen career options. I didn’t really pick a business degree. I was just the last option left after eliminating the others. If the schools did a better job of presenting possibilities and getting kids excited about the amazing options when it comes to career paths, people wouldn’t stay in jobs they hate. They only stay because they feel their options are limited.