Seriously, if you have any interest in internet startups, the web 2.0 landscape, or the VC industry, Fred Wilson’s latest post is a must-read. Hands down, it’s the best blog post I’ve read in months.

Watching all these machinations between Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, AOL, News Corp/MySpace, and their ilk makes me sick. They are playing around with Internet assets like they are toys. And meanwhile the services we have come to rely on like Flickr, AIM, Delicious, Yahoo Groups, FeedBurner, etc are an afterthought.

The topic, the de-portalization of the web,  is certainly a fascinating one given the online landscape recently. There’s currently 133 comments, so get ready to get immersed in the discussion —- We Need A New Path To Liquidity. And, oh yeah, if you want to read even more commentary, head over to Techmeme.

Well done Fred!