Tonight, Zillow officially launched the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace!

I’ve been at Zillow for over 2 years, and this defintitely is the release I’ve been most excited for since Zestimates launched in February of 2006. When talking about this product with close friends and family (I know, I spilled the beans to a few people early), the general reaction was a mixture of “holy cow, this is going to work” and “WOW”. Both my step-dad and dad have filled out a loan request in the last year, and both have been hounded repeatedly with phone calls and e-mails from mortgage brokers wanting to sell them a loan. I’m not blaming mortgage lenders for wanting a return on the $60 (or whatever the $$ value is) they paid for the lead, but that doesn’t mean its a consumer friendly process. Zillow is putting the power back in the hands of the consumer during the mortgage request process, which I think is long overdue. I’ll spare the details about how the product works — you can read Rich’s overview at Zillow Blog or go check out the actual Zillow Mortgage Marketplace. Remember, if you know anyone currently looking for a loan, please tell them about Zillow’s mortgage offering!

I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to track everything, but here’s a list of coverage for Zillow Mortgage Marketplace:

Update 4/3: