Published Date: February 12, 2008

I’d encourage everyone interested in social media and marketing to read Brian Solis’ post — Transforming Customers into Evangelists: The Art of Listening and Engagement. I live and breathe this social media stuff every day at Zillow, so it really resonated with me. There’s many good take-aways, but here’s one that I particularly agree with –

Most importantly, make sure that you integrate customer success stories into your PR and marketing initiatives. Feature them on your blog. Invite them to events. Partner with them to be proactive voices to help rally other customers. After all, customers are the very thing that keep you in business. Show them that you know this by reaching out to them, not just waiting for them to come to you.

I think we do a fairly good job of following this advice, but it’s a great reminder — we can always do better.