Mashable just reported that Facebook is now available in Spanish. That’s awesome news, both for Facebook expansion and for me. I took two years of Spanish in high school, but 2 years of language classes almost 10 years ago isn’t sufficient to be fluent — far from it. Where am I going with this? I traveled to Spain (and 12 other countries) 2 years ago and, more recently, to the Dominican Republic in November.  Both of those experiences made me want to re-learn the language so that I can at least have conversational dialogue with locals when visiting spanish-speaking countries in the future. Hopefully, the fact that FB is now available in spanish helps me improve my currently crappy Spanish skills. Now, the challenge of getting the motivation to switch to the spanish version and understand very little (or maybe nothing) on my profile…

  • Hey Drew, hope you can practise your spanish now in facebook. But be aware, its not all the same slang and terms, so, decide whether to learn spanish from spain, carribean or latin american slang.
    If you choose that last option, i invite you to join with more than 7 million active spanish speaking users from latam and spain.