I’m not very religious, but am fairly spiritual — I believe everything happens for a reason and that there is some higher purpose to life (though that purpose is still unbeknownst to me). I was chatting with one of my good friends on IM this morning and had an interesting discussion that started with a question

how do you think the “everything happens for a reason” mindset relates to being spiritual?

I really liked the way my friend approached the subject and totally agree.

You can look at it and say that your destiny, and what happens is out of your control and that you can only let life happen to you. Or, if you take it more spiritually, you take your life’s circumstances and you evaluate them more, you challenge their significance more, and then you listen to what calls you on the inside as you evaluate all that. Then, the conclusions you draw, and the lessons you learn from ‘what happens to you’ allow you to approach your path in life with more purpose, direction, and hunger.

What group are you in — the one that believes life is out of your control or the one that believes you have control over your destiny?

  • God could change your life if you gave him a chance. He gave his son Jesus to die on the cross for everyone. “He’s not willing that any should perish”. I know that with him, my life has a purpose, no matter what the market is doing. I continue to learn and grow with his hand on my shoulder. There’s no end to how great this life can be with him there.