I just stumbled on a cool initiative — Buy Nothing Day — that took place in the UK on November 24th.

Everything we buy has an impact on our planet. Buy Nothing Day highlights the environmental and ethical consequences of consumerism. The developed countries – only 20% of the world population are consuming over 80% of the earth’s natural resources, causing a disproportionate level of environmental damage and unfair distribution of wealth.

As consumers we need to question the products we buy and challenge the companies who produce them. What are the true risks to the environment and developing countries? The argument is infinite – while it continues we should be looking for simple solutions – Buy Nothing Day is a good place to start.

Consuming doesn’t make people truly happy (at least not me). Buying material goods is like a band-aid — it’s a temporary fix. Happiness in life isn’t about material goods, it’s about life experiences and personal relationships. Good friends will make you happier than material possessions ever will — once you realize that, you’ll likely realize you don’t need 90% of the “stuff” you buy.