There is a story on Max Levchin, one of the founders of PayPal & current CEO of, in the New York Times that is a great read — After Succeeding, Young Tycoons Try, Try Again.

Max Levchin was one of the early founders of PayPal, which was acquired by eBay in October 2002. Max, now 32 years old, has a net worth of roughly $100 million and could retire if he wanted to — yet he is still working 15 hours a day at his new company. It’s refreshing to see a young millionaire not blowing his millions of dollars on wortheless material crap — upscale dining, fancy cars, dozens of houses, etc.

  • John Obasi

    This guy seem amazing! I adore him

  • This guy has moved fro Paypal to Yelp and made big money on both, soo lucky.