• Drew, love the cartoon, especially since it’s a question I get asked about once a day.

  • nice one. Which route are you on Drew? 🙂

    it’s easier to be become one if you are already famous. people will be curious how a famous person thinks or writes. but does it really matter?

    whereas an unknown blogger will have a hard time proving herself/himself to be a famous blogger. but then again, does it matter?

    i think for some, it matters to be a famous blogger, for the others, it’s just a past time. 🙂

  • Well, since I’m not already famous — I guess I am going down the “become a blogger, become famous” route.

    but you’re right — it doesn’t matter. my goal is not to be famous. my goal is to inspire others to reach their full potential (and in turn, those people will inspire others, etc).

  • now, that’s even better! inspiring people.

    you’re a rock star, remember? 🙂

    there should be other routes…”almost famous”, “too famous”, “never will be famous”.

    cheers! 🙂

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