• Mike Kaspar

    Drew, Culebra, PR is also a must see. There could be a ferry for $1 from Vieques to Culebra. Amazing beaches.

  • Mike-
    Thanks for the comment. My colleague confirmed this today and I’ll definitely try to check it out while I’m there.

  • Hello. I just happened to stumble onto your page and was intrigued by your little blurb about Vieques in Puerto Rico! I am living in Florida and have lived here my entire life. But, about 15 years ago I was dating someone whose family had moved to Puerto Rico. One spring break, we flew to visit them for a week and they took us on a little excursion to the little island of Vieques! You are right…it is beautiful! I had forgotten about that little island until I saw your photos! The island is so small, it’s barely a mile or two in either direction if I recall correctly. However, the beaches there are pretty remarkable!