You might not understand this post unless you work at Zillow, but I thought I’d share it anyway — and maybe I can “coin” a new word with this post. Blogmenter.

Blogger + Commenter = Blogmenter.

Definition: An active participant in the blogosphere who enjoys blog commenting much more than blogging.

There are numerous bloggers out there and most of them absolutely love writing blog posts due to the creativity and freedom it provides — freedom to take any angle about whatever issue you want. However, David Gibbons (my boss) doesn’t follow the traditional mode — he would prefer to engage in the conversation by commenting rather than crafting posts of his own. Don’t get me wrong — he’s a great writer, so frankly, I don’t understand why he doesn’t write more. It’s not good or bad, it’s just different than the typical blogger. The members of the Zillow Blog team (me included) bug him to write more on Zillow Blog, but he just keeps spending his time commenting away — if you’ve ever mentioned Zillow on your blog, there’s roughly a 98% chance he’s read and possibly commented on your post.

I must admit, Rich (Zillow’s CEO) coined the word blogmenter when he stopped by my office this afternoon, but he doesn’t have a blog — so I get the honor of bringing it to the attention of the blogosphere.

If I knew other blogmenters off the top of my head, I would certainly list them here. But I think David may be one of a kind (if you’re a blogmenter reading this, please comment and prove me wrong).

  • ha ha – I love it. Ever since I started blogging, I’ve preferred commenting to posting. Not sure why I can knock out a detailed comment in minutes but I regularly get writers block when trying to write a post.

    It turns out I’m not alone – the NYT featured a famous bogmenter this past weekend:

    And of course, I’m surrounded by such awesome bloggers at Zillow that it makes sense for me to stick to what I’m good at. 😉

  • So, Drew says “Blogmenter”, above David says “bogmenter”, but my original intention was “Blahmmentor” Blog + Commentor with a little tongue in cheek poke at the value of the content in David G’s typical blahmment. 🙂