Today, my buddy sent me a link to this article by Jonah Keri at ESPN page 2 — titled “100 Players You Love to Hate.” This article is a can’t miss for any sports fan. I’m sure almost every sports fan has several players they just despise — I certainly do.  If you’re a seattle sports fan, number 100 will certainly ring a bell — Bobby Ayala. Another one on the list Seattlites will recognize is Rick Mirer, who was possibly the biggest bust ever (don’t forget Dan McGwire though).

If you’re wondering who is at the top of my list, it’s probably Kobe Bryant. Turns out I’m not the only person who thinks Kobe should have been on the list — the 1st comment by RajRerunDwayne says this:

Kobe isn’t on this list…are you kidding me? He has divided Laker Nation like no one else, and he doesn’t even crack the Top 100? I’m stunned.

Who is the sports player you hate the most??