I really try to stay away from political posts & don’t know what got me thinking about this specific subject tonight, but I decided to write it anyway.

I’ve thought about this issue quite a bit over the last couple years. My basic thesis is that the major reason that the innovative business execs who SHOULD be running this country aren’t is that there is too much bullshit involved in politics. By “should be running this country,” I mean those who could balance our budget and solve some of the major issues this country faces (healthcare, social security, etc). Innovators don’t want to spend time dealing with bureaucracy (which is what politics is) all day long — they want to make things happen quickly. That means weeks, not months or years. Many who have a strong desire for helping others and improving the world choose to instead focus their time/effort in the non-profit sector, where they can actually see immediate progress for their time. Non-profits such as the Gates Foundation, Kiva, ONE, and the Grameen Bank are where the innovative business leaders go.

And the people who ARE running this country? Well, many of them seem to be the ones that enjoy wining and dining w/ lobbyists and holding positions of power.

Several of my friends have told me they can see me in politics later on in life — but I’m not convinced yet. Like many others with an entrepreneurial mindset, I don’t have a huge amount of patience, something that is critical in politics. Without patience, it would be difficult to champion a bill for several months or a year to the House or Senate. But maybe my thinking will change over the next decade or two, who knows.

In the mean time, hopefully, Obama can change politics.

  • Tim

    Dude – The current administration has been “Ghost Riding” the country and driving us back into the stone age. The Vice President thinks he is an Emperor and now we are seeing the LONG PLANNED desire to blow the crap out of Iran. Total greed and total evil run our country. It is time to call BULLSHIT and fight. Not even the Democrats have the balls to git er done, because they play the same political games.

    There, I just vented for you Drew. Now you have balls. Best, Tim

  • yea man – I’m with you on that.

    Man, if the US invades Iran, this country is fucked.

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  • john

    Yeah and things really got better when Obama took over right? Keep dreaming you clueless dolts. Evil runs this country. And this administration is as Evil as the last.