There’s no doubt about it — I hate Myspace. I check it every couple days just to see if I have messages or wall comments. It’s becoming irrelevant as all my friends are on Facebook anyway. Two weeks ago, the one friend I talk to regularly who had refused to switch to Facebook for the longest time finally signed up for a FB profile — so there is now just about zero motivation for me to login to Myspace. Anyways, I just logged in today and saw a new feature that is — GULP — actually useful. I can now search through my existing friends for the specific friend I’m looking for.


Previously, there were two options to accomplish this seemingly simple task of finding a friend:

  1. Search through EVERYONE on Myspace regardless of whether they are a friend or not.
  2. Browse through all your current friends (I think 40 per screen) until you find the profile your looking for

It’s too bad facebook had this feature like 2 years ago. Even though myspace has to get some props for actually shipping this feature, they should be scolded for taking a couple years to fix something that everyone knew was a massive weakness.