Apparently it’s true according to ZDNet and Mashable. Are you kidding me? It’s shocking is going for an IPO — I haven’t heard their name mentioned in the press in ages (maybe even a couple years), while both Facebook and Myspace are referenced almost daily. I certainly don’t know anyone that would buy stock from them, but, maybe that’s just me.

via Techmeme 

  • I’m thinking is just making a cash it out play here for the directors etc.

    I’ve never been to the site, but I know every single person who has touched the Internet hates Classmates because of the endless freaking ads.

    Doesn’t matter how much money gets tossed at it. It’s just too badly hated to be a going concern.


  • It’s worth every penny of 125mil because it’s data rich. There’s a lot you could do with a list like that. man, the possibilities are endless what you could mash that with don’t you think?

  • Tim

    Classmates was sold off a few years back. The new “investors” are cashing in their chips. – Tim

  • BR-
    I’m not convinced, but who knows.