Guy Kawasaki was the 3rd speaker leading up to lunch and talked about evangelism. Every entrepreneur is probably thinking about how to get the word out on the cheap w/out advertising. Here’s Guy’s 10 tips to effective product evangelism (he actually gave 11, but I seemed to have missed one) —

    1. Make Meaning
    2. Make Mantra
    3. Roll the DICEE
      • Deep
      • Intelligent
      • Complete
      • Elegant
      • Emotive
    4. Niche thyself
    5. Let a hundred flowers blossom
    6. Find the true influencers
    7. Enable test drives
    8. Look for agnostics, not atheists
    9. Provide a slippery slope
    10. Don’t let the bozos grind you down

      Or you can just create something that is great, then everything becomes easier.