I came across the “Bloggers Bring in the Big Bucks” BusinessWeek story the other day — some bloggers make A LOT of money. For instance, it’s estimated Pete Cashmore at Mashable earns $1666,000 $166,000 per month from advertisers. That’s a lot of money. But could they make MORE?

It got me thinking — what would happen if 10 high-profile tech/business bloggers joined forces on a multi-author blog? Not that they would, but imagine Michael Arrington, Robert Scoble, Om Malik, Pete Cashmore, Jeremiah Owyang, Darren Rowse, Jeremy Schoemaker, Fred Wilson, Jason Calacanis, and Rand Fishkin all wrote 1 post a week on 1 blog?

Would you read it? I probably would.

I guess the big question would be whether or not it would cause some of their readers to stop reading their other blogs? Or would it take too much time away from the content they would have created for their personal/business blogs?

I know I would not stop reading their other blogs and I think they could manage another post a week somehow — if there is money to be made, they can probably find the time. How large of an audience could they draw by combining forces?

Now — imagine if they created a bi-weekly or monthly magazine out of that content for people who didn’t want to read the content online? I’d gladly pay a small fee (not sure exactly how much) to have compelling content delivered to me in print from blogs that I like to read, but don’t necessarily need to read everyday.

As an example, I care about what is happening in this country’s political system. I read political blogs like the Huffington Post, CNN Political Ticker, and DailyKos every now and then. The reason I don’t read them daily? TIME — I don’t want to spend the extra time on my computer reading more RSS feeds (I read enough feeds as it is). But I’d LOVE to receive a selection of political content from a variety of popular political blogs in print on a weekly or bi-weekly basis so I can keep up on the latest developments. Then I could read that content on the bus to/from work, or sitting on the couch, or sitting on the beach having a beer (this is the ideal scenario!).

I imagine there are lots of people who suffer from this same problem. They read online news daily in one or two fields relating to their jobs all day long and the absolute last thing they want to do when they get home is — read MORE online content, even though they’d like to read about two other industries that interest them.

Not everyone wants to spend all day, everyday on the computer (me included). Print media is NOT dead. The difference between traditional magazines/newspapers is that the content would not be created without the paying subscribers. However, bloggers are writing all this great content anyway — why not generate some additional revenue by selling it in print? I’m sure the 10 business/tech bloggers I mentioned at the beginning of this post could benefit from selling their content (which they are writing anyway) to an audience who doesn’t have time/energy to read their online blogs on a daily or weekly basis.

It seems there is a business model connecting blog content with those who wish to read content in print for someone to take advantage of. Any takers??