So, I got some more SPAM mail recently (so annoying) – this time from Comcast trying to get me to switch to their internet, cable, and phone services. The real key for them is that, to get the great deal ($33 per month), you have to sign up for all THREE services. That means $99 per month. I pay $50 a month for internet alone from Qwest right now. I would definitely switch if Comcast gave me internet for $33 per month, but not if I’m forced to sign up for the other services.

The point is not the cost — it’s that I have absolutely zero need for a home phone, yet they try to cram it down my throat anyway. I get free long distance on my cell phone. I have voicemail. My cell phone is always with me. I can send/receive text messages. What can a home phone provide that I don’t already have with my cell? Nothing.

People don’t need home phones anymore. Even my parents cancelled their home phone line. Telephone providers need to get over it and find a new stream of revenue, or face extinction.

  • I agree 100% although I have yet to get rid of my home phone. I fear change…and why does every company offer the same deal with the 3 services for $99 (phone cable and internet) but only for the first year? When will one of the big providers just come to the plate and offer the $99 deal for life? I still have my phone with Verizon and my cable through Comcast so I haven’t embraced that deal yet either so what do I know anyways???

  • Brandon

    Costco should start buying services from comcast or quest and sell telephone, cable, and internet internally to their customers. With a company like costco’s buying power they could drastically reduce prices and bundle it with their own membership. For example I buy all of my gas from Costco as they are always cheaper than any other gas stations around. Granted gas and 30 packs of toilet paper are soft consumable goods I see no reason why they couldnt offer something.