I got to thinking about a pretty cool Facebook app idea at Seattle Mind Camp today. Here’s the idea:

Merge a calendar application with Facebook. The use case I’m thinking of is for organizing trips.

For example, say I am going to San Francisco at the end of July (which I am). I want to put my travel schedule into facebook and have it show all my friends in San Francisco that I will be in town the week of July 30-August 3rd (for Blogger Connect and Real Estate Connect).

Another useful feature would be the ability to see what trips my friends were planning. For instance, show me everyone who wants to visit NYC – I’m been meaning to visit New York City for quite some time, but it would be great if I knew if any of my other friends were also planning on going to New York in the near future. Then we could potentially plan the trip to all be there at the same time.

Also, display the dates when out of town friends are planning on visiting Seattle.

Let me know if someone has already done something similar. Or if you’re a developer that wants to build something like this, let me know.

Update: My colleague found the TRIPS app, which seems to be aiming to do much of this. 

  • Ruben

    do you have an idea how to patent protect your idea? what if someone reads your idea and then it is developed and start making money with your idea. how will you get profit from it?
    Is it secure to “publish” your ideas like this?
    I have also some ideas but I just dont know how to do them or protect them.
    any ideas?

  • Ruben-
    Sorry to be blunt, but who cares? Business is about execution, not ideas. If it’s a good idea, it’s all but guaranteed it’s not an original idea.