I just found Arsebook.org via Stumbleupon. Many of you social networkers will realize it looks strikingly similar to Facebook, except its red and has a different tag line:

Arsebook is an anti-social utility that connects you with the people YOU HATE.

I didn’t register since I’m afraid it’s just a big scam to get e-mail addresses, but is it really a real site? If so, what can you do if you register?

  • I think it was found before its time, no links work and I am cautious of anything *.org… Worth watching though.

  • I Esshat

    Are you American or something? Don’t you understand that its supposed to be a joke?

  • I C Weiner

    I registered with Arsebook, and it’s great. I’ve found loads of people I hated at college and now they can carry on bullying me just like the old days.

  • I registered with Arsebook a few weeks ago. I’m using it to find all of the people I hated when I was at school. I still hate them now. Except I’ve got a gun licence now.

    Game on.

  • Damian

    You sir, are an idiot.

  • Nick

    I tried to register and it came up with a sign up page headed with “This website is a scam to get email addresses”. I didn’t understand this heading but I put all of my details in anyway; all 26 email addresses, home address, bank account, credit card numbers, passwords etc. I’m sure it will be fine.

    PS I’m American

  • James

    I don’t get it – I tried to register and nothing happened – maybe the site is too busy….

    PS I’m German

  • I’m not an American and if you are unless you’re familiar with British TV (especially The Royal Family) you may not get this site either. Strange how new ideas can duplicate at the same time – I regestered my domain months ago and we are now in the process of developing it as an invitation only online community! http://www.myarsebook.com/

  • anonymous bob
  • Steph

    Funny, I saw a working model just minutes ago called http://www.hatebook.org – oh boy – that could be a killing machine! Question is if we should support this!!?