There is a fantastic post by Brian Solis over at PR 2.0 that everyone should read. It’s titled “The Future of Communications – A Manifesto for Integrating Social Media into Marketing.” Here’s the closing paragraph, but you REALLY should read the whole thing if you work in the internet industry (and even if you’re not) —

What does the future of integrated marketing and communications look like? It’s a mashup of new media and traditional media – all with the common goal of engaging people and influencers on their terms. The difference is that by listening, reading, and participating, corporate marketing will be smarter and more approachable than ever before. This is how we humanize brands, create loyalty, and earn customer’s business.

Let businesses be measured by their actions and not their intentions. In the world of social media, companies will earn the community of customers they deserve.

I think we’re doing fairly well with “social media marketing” at Zillow, but I realize there are still improvements that we can make.