Charlie O’Donnell gives some good tips for those interested in becoming VC Analysts. Charlie used to work for Union Square Ventures (talk about a sweet gig) and is now working for one of USV’s portfolio companies, Voki. His number 1 tip?

1) Make a digital home for yourself.

If I haven’t beat this to death already, creating a digital presence, preferably through a blog, gives people you connect with a landing page. It is the center of operations for all your online networking and a place for people to assess what you’re all about, what you’re thinking, etc–the equivalent of hoisting a sail on a windy day. No presence, no sail.


Prior to finding Zillow, I definitely had an interest in landing a job in the VC industry. I’m somewhat glad I didn’t though; I think working at a young startup company gives people a chance to learn a lot more by taking ownership over projects. That said, I do plan on entering the vc industry, preferably something relating to venture philanthropy, at a later stage of my life.