The New York Times has an article titled “Can Blogs Become a Big Source of Jobs?” that’s worth reading for all of you thinking “how can I get paid to blog?” Blogging is certainly exploding in popularity and now every company seems to be setting up a blog. I definitely would reccomend any techie working for a traditional publishing company to learn how blog software works – “understanding of blog platforms” will be a marketable skill for at least the next 5 years in my mind.

Regarding hiring bloggers, I certainly agree with this quote by Robert Scoble

“You need something else that comes to the table with you. A good blogger is passionate and authoritative on something. If you’re not passionate about what you’re communicating, you’re going to be missing something.”

That magical word — passion — sure is getting thrown around recently. Seriously, if you don’t have it, do whatever it takes to find it.

  • If we can buy comments, maybe we should just outsource our blogging to India.