Man, I must say it’s kinda cool when Yahoo! says almost exactly what I wrote last week on my blogsearch is becoming LESS relevant (Yahoo says it’s history). I agree that the web is going to be almost completely personalized for the end user. Even Google agrees. Users are already determining their own trusted sources of information & they’ll want those sources displayed for them wherever they are. Some say that by saying “search is history,” Yahoo! is saying they are giving up on competing with Google — GOOD; smart move — I think it’s pretty clear that Yahoo! will never beat Google at search.

I have to disagree with Technically Speaking — to me, search is becoming less and less relevant by the day as I add trusted sources of information to my feedreader. Everyday, I seem to do fewer and fewer searches.

Facebook is going to be the next company that approaches the impact of Google. They are in a position to make a killing through personalizing and displaying “peer search results” to a user BEFORE the user even has to search. After all, people trust content that comes from friends more than they trust content from any current search engine or banner ad that exists today. Yahoo! must be kicking themselves for not creating the platform that facebook has created, which pushes trusted content from a person’s entire network of friends to their newsfeed.

  • Thanks for disagreeing with me on my post from today on – – I like to hear disagreeing views. I’m not being sarcastic, really I do like to see the other side to what I write.

    As far as Facebook goes, you hit the nail on the head there. As you may know, I work for one of the Facebook invited companies – Lending Club. 🙂


  • I think that search is coming of age at the moment – its all about how we personalise the search for the end user.

  • Actually – – Yahoo is making the rounds – Yahoo was misquoted by the NY Times.


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