There’s an interesting article at the Wall Street Journal titled “Facebook Opens Its Pages As a Way to Fuel Growth” (and weird – it’s actually a free article).  The strategy is pretty interesting — let other companies access it’s users directly:

On Thursday, the Palo Alto, Calif., company will announce a new strategy to let other companies provide their services on special pages within its popular Web site. These companies will be able to link into Facebook users’ networks of online friends, according to people familiar with the matter.

For instance, an online retailer could build a service in Facebook to let people recommend music or books to their friends, based on the relationships they’ve already established on the site. Or a media company could let groups of users share news articles with each other on a page inside Facebook.

The strategy is prett contrary to the typeical approach of controlling everything themselves, but hey, that’s what web 2.0 is all about — “opening it up”. Maybe Facebook will remain independent afterall