Liz Foreman has some interesting predictions about the future of offshoring jobs in journalism. I’m not sure if I agree with all her predictions about which jobs will be offshored. For instance, in my opinion, graphic design is something not easily outsourced by any organization. Jobs which are repetitive and structured are the ones which can be offshored — not the creative ones. One thing I found hilarious was that categorizing user feedback was on the list — not because it’s a job that can’t be outsourced (it is), but because it shows user feedback is currently neglected by journalists. Maybe that’s why their industry is struggling. Wake up journalists — if you don’t listen to your users & change accordingly, someone else will and you’re toast (mainstream blogs are a perfect example of displacing journalists by giving users what they want).

Anyways, it’s an interesting article if you are interested in the future of journalism.