No, it’s not happening (that I know of). But yes, it would be absolutely awesome. ValleyWag recently wrote about the coming battle between linkedin & facebook. Scoble is thinking about it too. However, instead of a head-to-head battle to control users — why doesn’t facebook just buy LinkedIn? ImJasonH left this comment on ValleyWag:

It almost makes sense for Facebook to buy LinkedIn. People using Facebook aren’t just college students, they’re job hunters, and a good portion of anyone’s professional network is comprised of old college buddies anyway, so it fits. Also, as you mentioned, a lot of LinkedIn users are Facebook users too, and nobody likes to keep two separate profiles.

It would also be a good move on Facebook’s part to sort of show to the world that it’s not kidding around. No, they don’t want to be bought by Yahoo or Google or Viacom or anyone else — they want to be a player on their level. How better to show them they mean business than by switching from seller to buyer.

Of course, given the way Facebook’s been doing things (implementing their own features instead of buying other peoples’, it’s possible Facebook is already working on a Facebook Jobs or something similar that mimics what LinkedIn does already.

A potential linkedin-facebook merger would certainly give myspace a run for their money. Ahh….the limitless possibilities of web 2.0 mergers. What do you think? Would it work? Which site do you think is better?