I have to admit, I like Bank of America for the most part. But there’s one thing I absolutely hate. SPAM mail — notably, the checks they send me every month urging me to write checks against my credit card. The letter I get along with the checks says:

Think of the things you could use your checks for…

  • give your yard or house a fresh new makeover
  • have that deck built that you’ve been dreaming of
  • deposit funds into your bank account to use any way you wish

None of these things should be paid for with a credit card. No wonder this country has such a problem with consumer debt — and banks and credit card companies are making the problem worse by making credit so easy to get/use.

Here’s what I want from BofA:

  • Send me ONE set of checks that I can use whenever I want. I will file them away. If I have an emergency, and need to write a $10,000 check — I’ll have them.
  • Otherwise, stop sending me the damn checks EVERY month (you know, they are just ending up in the paper shredder)

  • Drew that is just one of their forms of predatory lending, they will bombard you with offers to get to you accumulate debt and then pay it off with a high interest rate. How else do you think these banks make billions year in year out.