I just found this fantastic “How the Local Newsroom of the Future Might Operate” post on Techmeme — and it got me thinking: Do you think an open source approach would work for an online news company??

I really believe it could work — 24/7 video casts (some live) from around the globe, podcast interviews in a variety of sectors, well-written articles about every subject, opinion pieces, and ad reveneue to pay the bandwidth costs.

There are likely enough bloggers, podcasters, and videocasters that are hungry enough for media exposure, call it their chance to be famous, to make a business model like this work. All they need to do is band together to share the workload. With enough people contributing, there wouldn’t need to be several people that write all the content (though I don’t think it’s a stretch to think a couple people would be VERY active contributors). If a community can be built around this, there’s nothing stopping it. So, who’s going to be the host of the daily prime time news segment?