Yes, Nash is the best player in the NBA. Note I didn’t say “most talented.” I’m watching the Lakers-Suns game on ABC right now and Steve Nash is simply amazing. 15 assists at halftime. No question about it — if I had to pick 1 player to have on my team, it would be Nash. He gets the whole team involved and working together. Kobe is not a team player. Even Jordan never won anything until he finally realized he needs his teammates to win games. No one wants to stand around and watch one player take all the shots. I’ve played with self-centered ball-hogs who shoot every time down the court — it eventually gets to the point where I don’t even want to be on the court, regardless of whether we are winning or not. Maybe I’m just different from everyone else in the fact that if I’m part of a team, I want to contribute. I won’t be happy if I’m not — I don’t think NBA players are any different. Nothing is fun if you’re not involved in the action.

I really don’t understand why players try to win games by themselves — it doesn’t work. Have you ever heard of a business with a superstar CEO succeeding without a supporting cast? No. Ever heard the term “You’re only as strong as your weakest link?” Nash makes everyone better, which is what real superstars do. Sorry Kobe, Labron, D Wade.

Steve Nash

  • Hope you get the chance to watch the Warrios tonight… a team interchangeable Nash-types, all the top 8 rotation are capable of 4+ dimes… and Baron reminds me of Nash when he drives, gets triple teamed and pops to the correct open man.

  • Dan

    Well…with 2 consecutive mvp awards and 1 undoubtedly on the horizon I suppose one could make a strong argument that Nash is best (not most talented) player in the NBA. However, when does one player’s selfish ball hog of a shot become the TEAMs’ best and most efficient effort at getting a W? I’ll tell you when. When you have a supporting cast that consists of border line D league players like Kwame Brown, Smush Parker and some guy named Evans. Don’t get me wrong, the Lakers will lose to the Suns 9 times out of 10 whether Kobe takes 55 shots or has 23 assists. However, if I were to put my entire net worth on a Lakers game I would rather see Kobe take fade aways over 3 people than watch a soon to be turnover by throwing it in two Kwame “stone hands” Browne at the block. If a team is only as good as it’s weakest link then the Lakers shouldn’t even get out of bed in the morning.

  • Basketball is a team sport — that’s all I’ll say.

  • Jared

    Steve Nash is not the best player in the NBA. Far from it. Nash plays in the set-up that he needs to excel in. Steve Nash is only as successful as he is because of the Run-and-Gun offense. You can’t be the best player in the NBA if you leave a team, the Mavs, and they get better. Without having finishers like Marion and Stoudemaire, Nash would not be as successful. If they lost Marion and Stoudemaire for Kevin Garnett, Steve Nash’s game would severely hampered. Garnett is not the finisher Marion or Stoudemaire are and Garnett is a “Power” Forward who plays half court basketball. Marion is as big of an influence on the Suns as Nash is. Without Marion catching the ball and dunking it, Nash’s pass wouldn’t count as an assist. Nash can pass the ball all he wants, but you have to have guys who are in the right spot at the right time and who can finish. Jason Kidd is a much more versatile point guard than Steve Nash. Steve Nash outside of the Run-and-Gun offense is nowhere near as effective as he is in it. Steve Nash is one-dimensional who needs a style to succeed, rather than being able to adapt to many different styles. He is not the best player in the NBA. Period.