Yes, gas prices have risen 60 cents since late January – so what? Get over it. A gallon of gas used to cost $1. Now it is $3. There is no one to blame but yourself that you drive a massive SUV that gets 15 miles per gallon. There are numerous cars that get 35 miles per gallon – why don’t you drive one of those? You want a solution to rising prices at the pump? Quit complaining, buy a Hybrid, use mass transit, move closer to work, carpool, or just don’t drive so much. I know I’m in the minority on this one — but if anything, I think gas should cost more, not less. I think it’s the only way to force people to change their oil consumption habits. What this country really needs is better mass transit and for people to realize they don’t need to drive everywhere.

Update: I’m referring to gas prices in the United States, not abroad. Also, I should have clarified that this price increase should be mandated by the US government via an increased tax. The increased funding should go directly into public transit systems.

  • but if anything, I think gas should cost more, not less.

    – Are you sure about this? OPEC would love to read this Drew. Oh, how they could control us. We are at literally their mercy.

    For us in the 3rd world, everytime there’s an oil increase, almost everything goes up…except salary. What an ordinary person earns is constant for let’s say a year. Now if global oil prices go up, prices of goods and services increase. That’s where the problem lies. This is our sad reality.

    Though at present I enjoy cheap electricity, cheap fuel for my SUV because I’m in a country that exports oil.

  • Correction, sorry :

    We are literally at their mercy.

  • Drew Meyers

    I should have clarified this — I think the US should tax oil at a higher rate and re-invest all the money into public transit.

    The US needs to stop relying on foreign oil to power our nation.

  • The best cure for high prices is: high prices.

    This is already starting to work. Higher prices => upset consumers => higher demand for smaller vehicles => lower demand for gasoline => less consumption => lower prices.

    This cycle is just starting, but Detroit is already starting to feel it. There is no cure for high prices (taxes, laws, regulation, mandates). The only cure is to use less of the stuff…and that happens when prices get high enough that people change their behavior.

    That said, for us Americans I think our reliance on foreign oil is here to stay. The only thing we can do is make things a bit easier on ourselves.