So…we are doing a Spring Remodel on (should be completed shortly).

11:15 pm Update: We are now LIVE!! Check out the Zillow Blog for more info — or just go look at the new features for yourself!

11:28 am Update: Zillow’s Jeff Somers posted “Zillow’s New Free Marketing Tools for Agents” on his Active Rain blog.

Zillow Spring Clean

What’s new? Well, we are becoming a community — pretty exciting for a web 2.0 junky such as myself (my new title is now Community Relations Specialist)! The primary features Zillow is adding are:

  • Zillow Home Q&A – Home Q&A gives anyone the ability “ask a question” or “answer a question” about any home listed on Zillow.
  • Free Profile Pages – Agents, homeowners and buyers can create free profile pages with photos, narratives and contact information.
  • Tell the Community It’s For Sale – Anyone can now indicate whether a home is for sale and at what price.
  • Unlimited Photo Posting – Anyone can now add photos to any home’s Web page.
  • Zillow EZ Ads – EZ Ads are a self-service, low-cost and geographically-targeted way for agents, other professionals and home sellers to buy ads on Zillow map pages for specific ZIP code searches.

I certainly had a lot of fun covering Zillow’s last release in December – with my day 1, day 2, and the last of my coverage. I think it’s important to demonstrate that Zillow’s staff is reading everything that is written about us — we are interested in hearing what the industry & our users have to say. What better way than to link to every article that talks about the new features that we just launched tonight? This post will be a work in progress throughout the night as I find new posts mentioning our new features. I won’t provide commentary – but I will (attempt to) serve as your blog search engine if you are looking to see the latest posts about Zillow.

Update: It’s approaching 1 am (12:57 on my clock) and I’m going to call it a night. Please leave a comment if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

It’s 7:55 am and I’m back at it — I’ll be adding links throughout the day as I find time.